Monday, October 25, 2010

Author Interview with Ana Claudia Antunes

What has been your biggest influence on becoming a writer?
My biggest influence I should say it was my colleagues at school who would enjoy so much reading my poems made to each one of them in their annual diaries that I decided I should devote my life writing to keep people cheering, laughing, crying or doing that all together, so that I would keep my flowing of inspiration on hand.

And of course all those voices as well that kept talking in my head, all those characters eager to tell their own stories and have a life of their own.

How did you feel when you got your first publishing contract?
I jumped one foot, than I made a pirouette—I’m a former Ballet dancer so no big deal about it…just kidding!—I was actually so thrilled that I couldn’t stop smiling for a month or so.

What makes a book great in your eyes?
The one that can make me shed a tear or two, also laugh about in the funny parts, or make me really believe that it’s happened in the real life, or should have for it is too beautiful to be left out without being lived.

What is the biggest piece of your advice you can give a beginning writer?
Keep moving that pen, always keep writing and keep dreaming. You can make it. You made this far and you can go a long, long way. And bear in mind the beauty of this all is just to create something you feel it’s worth living for.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
When I am on vacation and I overeat chocolate or too many sweet bread and the next morning I will have to put that bikini and go to the beach, argh, what a feeling!

What influences your writing? And why?
Anything, or everything. I just get inspired with the slightest pieces of idea, and that’s such a blessing…no, who am I kidding, writing is one hundred percent transpiration. You got to work really hard to make a good piece that works.

Name one thing readers don’t know about you.
Only one? I guess it would be…nope, I know guess if they really read my books they would pretty much know too much about me… Now I’m ashamed…ashamed and scared! *Hahaha*

What are you working on now?
I’m starting a screenplay for a movie, that would be about my novel The Pierrot’s Love a thriller, paranormal mystery that will keep my—and hopefully my readers—hair up for a while.

Who is your favorite all-time author?
Marguerite Yourcenar.

Are love scenes easy/difficult to write?
I should ask the same question about real life, aren’t they simply magnificent to describe? So, yes, yes, they are!

Do you write in one genre or several different ones? And why?
I write too many different stories with too-diverse characters to keep myself labeled in one genre only. Too many stories to tell, each of them with subtle tones and specific plots so that all of them would differentiate from one another.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
I would be in New Zealand, filming my script and making that movie I so wished for.

How do you deal with the dreaded writer’s block?
Writer’s block? Really? What is that? No, that rarely passes through my mind. I am too busy writing the stories that keep coming in my head to care about any wall at all.

Do you have another career besides writing? What is it?
I am a writer, illustrator, dancer, choreographer, photographer, cinematographer, biographer and any other offer I would just love it!

What’s your biggest reward in being a writer?
Just to be able to tell stories and hear or read people saying that they enjoy them, or that they laughed or cried over the lives that you created—or not—that’s for me such bliss!

To date, which is your favorite story? Which one did you have the most fun writing?
It was a book I wrote in Spanish Riñas de una Niña Teñida for I pretty much made her do things that I think she wouldn’t even think of doing. The best part of being a writer is when your characters hate you for making them do what they do and all of what you make of them.

If you had the opportunity to say one thing to your readers, what would that be?
Hope you really have a blast with my books! And please check out all of them at:

Thank for allowing me to share part of my writing life!

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